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Easy Front-End Framework Review

Making things easy!

CSS frameworks aren’t a new thing to me. My first glimpse into the css the framework world came while I was researching javascript libraries. I happened upon the Yahoo libraries and ended up not sleeping an entire night while I played with the Yui Grids. To be honest, I loved playing, but I didn’t get it. It would be a couple years later when a colleague insisted it was time to convert the Daz 3D site to a framework that I realized the true advantages of a framework.

I’ve developed with Blueprint, Yui Grids, the 960 Grid System, and I’ve been learning Scaffold and Compass. I don’t claim to be a framework authority and I definitely am not here to tell you which framework is best, but I do love saving time and making things easier for myself. To be honest, everything about css frameworks isn’t easy, at least in my development workflow and my underlying curiousity and laziness keeps my on a quest to find something new and simple.

I couple weeks ago I happened across the Easy Front-End Framework by Alen Grakalic of CSS Globe. His framework isn’t as dynamic as some of the others I am familiar with, but claims to include “all 3 layers of front-end: structural, presentational and interactive“. I was interested in the built-in javascript functions, so when a friend of mine asked if I had time to layout a project he was working on, I postponed my existing project to give Easy a go.

After a quick download, I unzipped Easy and found css, images, js, and library directories as well as index.html and demo.html files and even a favicon in place. Simple enough,

Opening the CSS directory, I found a well organized stylesheet as well as a print stylesheet. I then opened demo.html in my browser and the framework was clear enough for me to use. No documentation necessary. Although I have gone on to read everything I could about Easy front-end framework, it really is that simple.

When I started to code Easy front-end framework I was driven by the idea of keeping things so simple that anyone can use it no matter of the knowledge level. I also wanted to make the setting up to be as simple as changing the class name(s) of the element.” -Alen Grakalic

IT was actually a joy to work with and a great starting point for the project I worked on.  Oh and everything I built worked in IE6 the first try (well the second try).  To me the combining a few jQuery basics and basic layout is a huge timesaver.  I give  Easy Front-End a thumbs up for its ease of use and the time is saved me.



The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter


twittericon.jpgOne of the blogs I follow, Webdesigner Depot, has posted a very comprehensive guide to Twitter. Angela West has complied such a thorough article, I felt I had to share.

The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter

Twitter is such a simple application, most people just start using it before they understand what they can do with it. I would recommend this blog post to anyone interested in using Twitter, experienced or not.

My personal favorite portion of the blog is listed under “Twitter Etiquette”.

Avoid Banal Food Updates
Unless you narrowly avoided death by eating a puffer fish, nobody really wants to know about what you are eating today. If you ate at a cool restaurant and want to recommend it, that is fine. Dissecting what you had for lunch if you just went to McDonalds is not. Just ask yourself if this is interesting to your followers – if the answer is “yes”, then it’s OK to tweet.”

I hope you enjoy.

WordPress 3.0 Release

WordPress 3.0 Features Walk Through

WordPress 3.0 is all set release on May 1st 2010 with lots of breathtaking improvements and exciting new features which will surely bring this platform one step ahead. So, what actually we can expect to bundle up with this release? Here is a walk throug

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